Our Vision...


 is for a dynamic and unified community of theatre professionals contributing to a vibrant and diverse society.

Our Mission...                                              

• Be an effective voice – advocating for and representing theatre professionals to government and all aspects of our society, basing our messages on sound knowledge and thorough consultation among our members and partners.

• Build a strong network – facilitating effective communication among our members, and between our members and their theatre communities and stakeholders.

• Promote professional theatre – working for increased public awareness and support for the theatre professionals and professional theatre, for the encouragement of theatre opportunities and government understanding of the value and social importance of theatre to our province.

Our Values...

Our defining characteristics are seen in the values of:

• Inclusivity – acting as a collaborative partner in the broader theatre community and the creative industries, appreciating the strength of diversity among organizations, people and approaches.

• Creativity – encouraging creativity as part of a single continuum that links the new with tradition in the theatre and in organizations.

• Respect – acting with highest regard for the commitment of those who earn their living in the theatre.