Professional Theatre Mentorship Program (PTMP) 2019
Application Guidelines

Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals develops and supports theatre practitioners across the province, by providing resources, networking, training and advocacy. The Professional Theatre Mentorship Program is one of the many training opportunities provided by SATP to further the careers theatre practitioners.

The aim of the Professional Theatre Mentorship Program is to provide funding to theatre professionals seeking a unique and flexible mentorship experience within a theatrical discipline other than performance. PTMP grants are for the express purpose of providing subsistence allowance to professional theatre artists while working with a professional theatre mentor for the duration of their proposed mentorship.

This program does not fund tuition fees or institutional training.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for grant funding you must be a professional artist and Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals definition of a professional artist.

SATP defines a professional artist as someone who has developed skills through training or practice (not necessarily in a formal institution), is recognized by artists working in the same artistic tradition, has a history of public presentation or publication, seeks payment for her or his work and actively practices his or her art. Short breaks in artistic work history are allowed.

Commitment to Equity in the Arts: The Professional Theatre Mentorship Program, is committed to ensuring equitable access for all Saskatchewanians, with particular emphasis on the following priority groups: indigenous artists; artists and arts organizations located in Saskatchewan; artists of colour; deaf artists and artists with disabilities; francophone artists; and artists transitioning to a new discipline or role.

Applicant Eligibility:

  • Applicants must 

    • be individual members of Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals

    • be Canadian citizens or permanent residents

    • be current residents of Saskatchewan and must have resided in the province for at least one year prior to the time of application

    • intend to pursue their careers primarily in Saskatchewan

    • have proven ability and a demonstrated commitment to a career in theatre

Application Eligibility:

It is the responsibility of the applicant to identify a mentor(s) and secure an appropriate training opportunity with them. The applicant and the mentor jointly determine the content of and the schedule of the mentorship program. ** SATP can provide support in identifying a mentor(s) if you would like more guidance or support contact us by email at sask.theatre@gmail.com .

The applicant may apply to be mentored by more than one mentor and at more than one institution, although this must be clearly linked to the applicants training goals and explained thoroughly in the application.

Mentorship programs should take place in affiliation or on contract with a professional theatre company, festival, or cultural institution.

Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals encourages the mentorship to take place within Canada, however, mentorship opportunities with a reputable and qualified trainer outside of Canada may be considered if the applicant demonstrates that the opportunity is unique to their needs. 

APPLICATION PROCESS: The PTMP has one annual deadline. (December 1, 2019 midnight)

Training programs must be completed within 12 months of the grant being awarded Application Announcement.

Eligible applications will be submitted to the Professional Theatre Mentorship Program Committee of Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals which serves as a jury to make recommendations for grant allocations. The recommendations are then approved by SATP.


The PTMP Jury evaluates the applications according to the following considerations:

  1. Artistic Merit and Professional Opportunity

∙ The environment within which the project will take place

∙ Professional experience of the mentor

∙ Skills of the mentee are well suited to the area of mentorship and the art form

  1. Quality of Mentorship Relationship

∙ A genuine interest from the mentor in advancing the career of the mentee

∙ The fit between the experience of the mentor and the career goals of the mentee

∙ Demonstrated regular communication, both formally and informally, between mentor and mentee

∙ Nature of the partnership, putting the learning experience of the mentee first

  1. Viability of the Training

∙ The goals of the mentee are achievable in the time frame presented

∙ The funding amount requested is reasonable for the timeframe and professional level of the mentee

∙ Projects worked on during the mentorship are secured and stable


∙ Grant offers must be accepted within 1 week and agreements signed and returned within 30 days.

∙ Any changes to the training program must be submitted in writing to SATP to be approved at the discretion of the selection committee. Please note that these changes may result in a reduction or denial of funding.

∙ All granting decisions are final and may not be appealed. An unsuccessful applicant may re-apply to a future deadline

∙ Grants are NOT retroactive and may not be applied to any portion of the mentorship that has taken place prior to approval of the grant Those who receive funding must adhere to the following requirements: 


  • Submit a completed e-application, with all required documents to Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals by 11:59pm of the deadline day.

  • Requests are only accepted by email or by google drive. (See below).

  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

We encourage consultation from all individuals to discuss questions regarding your application.

Application Checklist:

  • Application Form (available on the website

  • Include names, titles, affiliation and phone number of references included in the application.

Regarding Amount Requested: To a maximum amount of $8000.

Final determination of allocations and duration of subsidy are at the discretion of the jury.

Please answer the following questions in your cover letter and proposal in 1000 words or a 5-minute video**.

  • What makes the training program appropriate at this time?

  • How will this training opportunity advance your career goals?

  • How has your background prepared you for this training?

  • If this is a change in career direction, please elaborate on why the change and how you have prepared for it.

Please provide the following additional information:

  • Letter from Mentor. The mentor should include an outline of why they are interested in mentoring the applicant, how they see their role as a mentor and how they feel they can support the applicant in achieving their mentorship goals. If you are needing help reaching out to a mentor or would like guidance in this process, please contact us directly at sask.theatre@gmail.com .

  • Schedule of Training. Please include a weekly breakdown of mentorship goals and projects.

  • Professional Resume of the Applicant

  • Professional Resume of the Mentor

  • Two Letters of Reference for the Applicant. Reference letters may be included in the application or sent separately by the referees.

  • Budget template for subsistence and fees for mentor

Submit your application via email as a single PDF (in the order above), no larger than 10 MB to: SATP.

**Video submission. If you would like to include a video submission instead of a proposal, please contact us directly at sask.theatre@gmail.com for further requirements for uploads.

Successful applicants will need to submit a Final Report 30 days after completion of the program. The Form will be posted on our website. The remaining funds will be dispersed after acceptance of Final Report.