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Creative Saskatchewan - Travel Grants

Creative Saskatchewan - Travel Grants

Open to all sectors

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What the grant supports

The grant helps cover the costs of travel expenses to specific market opportunities. In most cases, the creative entrepreneur has been invited to participate in a particular market. For example:

  • musicians who are invited to showcase at a festival or conference

  • filmmakers who will pitch a film (at an advanced stage of development) at a market

  • craftspeople who have been invited to exhibit and sell at a curated gift fair

  • artists who have been invited to show a solo exhibition at a gallery

  • a book publisher to attend a book fair

NEW FOR 2018-19

  • The Market Travel Grant guidelines have been refined to better serve creative entrepreneurs

  •   CLICK HERE   for an overview of the most important refinements

  • refer to the Official Grant Guidelines for complete details


What the grant can't support

Here are a few examples of projects that are not eligible for support under this grant program:

  • going to a trade show simply to "spread the word" about your services

  • travel to a film festival where there is little opportunity to pitch and sell buyers


What support is available

This grant can provide up to a maximum of 50% of the approved travel budget, to a maximum of $5,000 per project.


Application tips

  • your travel itinerary is a must

    • it must go day-by-day and show everything you've got scheduled each day

    • don't include days that aren't part of the actual event

  • if you've been invited to attend an event, include the invitation in your application

  • describe fully how you plan to actually market your product while you're there


After You're Approved

  • 60% of your grant is payable when you sign the letter of acceptance

    • copies of airline receipts may be requested at this tim

  • 0% of your grant will be paid after your final report (with all receipts) is submitted and approved

  • You'll be required to acknowledge Creative Saskatchewan's support. Here's how.


Official grant guidelines

Applicants must read the official grant guidelines.

In the event of a discrepancy between the official grant guidelines and any other source of information about our grant programs, the official grant guidelines will take precedence.


Applicants must read the Creative Saskatchewan Investment Fund Guide, which contains terms and conditions that apply to all grants.


Deadline Information

  • We must receive your application no fewer than 14 calendar days before the first day of the event.

    • MUSIC SHOWCASE EXCEPTION: For a music showcase event, we must receive your application no fewer than 14 days before your first performance at the showcase.


Success Stories

Here's how creative entrepreneurs have put their Market Travel Grant to use:


How to apply

Applications to this grant are accepted through our Online Grant Management System (GMS).