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Advocacy Updates

SATP Advocacy

....SATP knows that Advocacy is important. As a result SATP is involved in a national theatre service organization (NTSO) called, "The Network". We help to build better structures, best practices through the creative industry and offer potential opportunities for partnerships, and networking opportunities for the NTSO’s but also for Saskatchewan Professional artists to engage with NTSO’s to showcase and perform with other NTSO and professional theatre companies throughout Canada.

...SATP will be hosting "The Network" Summit May 21, 2019 in Saskatoon to see how NTSO's can help build better opportunities for our provincial artists and theatre organizationsStay tuned to see how you can participate!

.... Yes, Canada's 43rd Canadian federal election is scheduled to take place on or before October 21, 2019 . We have heard rumours it might be called early. Are you prepared? Who do you think is the best party or candidate for your riding? As SATP is a part of the Canadian Arts Coalition's National Steering Committee, the coalition wants to know what you think about Canada's Political parties. What should these parties address with the arts and theatre communities as we go into a federal election? Email me if you have concerns and question so I can take this to our elections committee.

....Arts Day Efforts Continue In case you missed it, so much happened since the resounding success of Arts Day on Parliament Hill, beside the welcomed changes to the Endowment Incentives program.

In October, CAC met with two members of the Standing Committee on Finance and we ensured sector representation at pre-budget hearings. This paid off. The Standing Committee on Finance tabled its pre-budget report, entitled “Cultivating Competitiveness: Helping Canadians Succeed” on December 10th. As requested by the Canadian Arts Coalition and its allies, the report recommends that Budget 2019 “Increase funding for the Canada Arts Presentation Fund for performing arts presenters and festivals over a three-year period in order to foster a strong domestic market that will serve as a launch pad for Canadian performing arts productions on international markets.”