Longtime Globe Theatre artistic director Ruth Smillie to retire

Ruth Smillie

Ruth Smillie

Longtime Globe Theatre artistic director Ruth Smillie to retire

After two decades at the artistic helm of Regina’s Globe Theatre, Ruth Smillie is saying goodbye — sort of.

Come June 30, Smillie will retire from her role as artistic director, to assume the honorary position of artistic director emeritus. As “emeritus,” she will focus on redeveloping the Prince Edward Building and helping a new artistic director settle in.

She will also direct Cinderella as the 2019-20 season’s holiday show.

“I have loved every minute of my time working at Globe Theatre. I am proud of the theatre’s many successes and achievements during my tenure,” Smillie said in a prepared statement.

This includes creating the Globe Theatre School in 2006 (which contributed to the cast of a couple of shows this season), the Actor Conservatory Training Program in 2008, and the Sandbox Series.

It also includes more than doubling the audience base for Globe Theatre’s productions and completing two capital campaigns to support upgrading the Globe Theatre’s facility.

“I am not retiring from professional theatre,” Smillie said. “It will be exciting for me to have the time to say ‘yes’ to other professional opportunities.”

The Globe will appoint an interim artistic director in September, while the board of directors has begun a search for a new artistic director, to start work in the new year.

Since Smillie was named artistic director and CEO in 1998, the Globe’s annual operating budget — 70 per cent of which is derived from ticket sales — nearly quintupled to almost $5 million.

On Feb. 1, Jaime Boldt assumed the new role of executive director, separating the artistic and business leadership positions of the Globe.

“As artistic director, Ruth has showcased socially and culturally significant productions ,” Boldt said in a news release. “Ruth has acted as significant mentor and role model to many.”

This season, Smillie was a production mentor for Making Treaty 4, a cast of mostly novice actors who had trained for months at the Globe prior to rehearsals.

The Globe will honour Smillie next season.


Announcing new Bystander Intervention Training Workshop for Theatre Artists


Bystander Intervention Training for Theatre Artists Workshop offered

this October
in Regina & Saskatoon

This October 2019, Jenna Rodgers from Chromatic Theatre based in Calgary, AB will lead artists in a full day Bystander Intervention Training for Theatre Artists Workshop.

Facilitator Jenna Rodgers will lead artists in a full day workshop training that uses a social justice framework to begin the process of assessing and understanding societal power dynamics, and then taking steps toward making active change in your community. Artists can expect to be active participants throughout the day, and should arrive with an expectation of connecting the arts with community, and justice.

Date: October 7, 2019
Saskatoon Location: The Refinery
9 – 5 pm
Cost: $30*


Date: October 8, 2019
Regina Location: The Artesian Performing Arts Inc.
2627 13th Avenue, Regina, SK
9 – 5 pm
Cost: $30*

A light lunch will be provided in the cost of the workshop. If you require specific food considerations, please let us know asap.

All workshop materials will be provided at the event.

More questions? Email us.

Register now for Regina!

Register now for Saskatoon!

Cost: $30*

*All demographic spectrum artists welcome!

*Subsidized workshop fees available by email inquiry

Training Videos on Workplace Harassment in the Arts for Employers and for Cultural Workers

Respectful Workplaces in the Arts is a national campaign to build a sector-wide culture of fairness, dignity and respect. Let’s work together to shape safe and healthy work environments, free from all forms of harassment.   RespectfulArtsWorkplaces.ca   #RespectInAction

Respectful Workplaces in the Arts is a national campaign to build a sector-wide culture of fairness, dignity and respect. Let’s work together to shape safe and healthy work environments, free from all forms of harassment.


Training Videos on Workplace Harassment in the Arts for Employers and for Cultural Workers – now online!

Under the Respectful Workplaces in the Arts banner (respectfulartsworkplaces.ca), the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is pleased to announce two training videos on workplace harassment in the arts: one for employers – including Boards of Directors of not-for-profit organizations; and one for cultural workers – including self-employed artists, contractors and employees.

These animated videos on ‘responding to harassment’ are scenario-based. They have been produced to explain the rights and responsibilities of employers with respect to reports of workplace harassment; and to explain the rights and responsibilities of cultural workers who experience or witness harassment. They come with practical takeaways and best practices to recognize and navigate incidents of harassment from both points of view (employer and worker), and include a questionnaire to test the learner’s recall of the videos’ content.

These and several other resources on the respectfulartsworkplaces.ca website, will be immensely helpful to employers and workers alike who are committed to eliminating harassment and ensuring respectful and safe workplaces in the arts.

CHRC acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts in the creation of these and other resources.

For more information contact Susan Annis (sannis@culturalhrc.ca).

Developed by Williams HR Consulting - a 30-minute management training resource on ‘responding to allegations of harassment in the workplace’ with a questionnaire to test learner recall of key points.

Creation Accelerator: New Opportunity for Artists in Canada

Creation Accelerator: New Opportunity for Artists in Canada

The Creation Accelerator initiative supports the development, creation and sharing of original digital content for potential distribution of CBC/Radio-Canada's digital platforms. The initiative is in two phases, and the deadline for the first phase is October 16, 2019. Artists, artistic organizations and groups across the country with a validated Canada Council profile are eligible to apply. For more information, visit the Canada Council for the Arts' website.

Dance Flooring for Sale

Dance Flooring Blowout

Dance Saskatchewan needs the extra flooring out of the way, and so they are dropping the price on what is left and giving the dance community first dibs on this steal of a deal.

As seen in the photograph there are two colours to choose from and the dimensions of each interlocking PVC tile are 465mm x 465mm (approx. 2.25 sq ft), Height: 18mm, Weight: 1.91Kg/Each.

These floors offer outstanding performance and are suspended surfaces which means their modular nature allows your floor to be a) customized to the size you need and b) easily uninstalled, transported and reinstalled if/when you decided to move studios. The create a safe, sprung floor for very little effort as they are easy for the DIY-er to install themselves!

They are also indestructible - so use them for anything and everything and don't worry about being precious with them. 

We are selling the flooring for $2.50/sq ft. plus GST and PST

Beveled ramp edges and corners are also available for purchase:
Edge: 465mm x 60mm - $1.30/each
Corner: 60mm x 60mm - $0.45/each

Inquire with us today if you are interested. 

dance flooring.jpg

Dance Flooring for Sale

50% off, great for theatre use

Podcast, Interviews, IDM & its role in theatre & live performing arts

Podcast, Interviews, IDM & its role in theatre & live performing arts

Do I have your interest peaked? SATP will be hosting a series of monthly podcasts talking about the theatre industry, Interactive Digital Media and its role in theatre & live performing arts with augmented reality, interviews with mid-career & senior career theatre artists that offer advice to other emerging theatre & live performing artists.

Oh! There are so many topics we are chatting about, you will have to tune in to check it out.

Starting off our Podcasts project, we have two interviews featuring SaskInteractive Media Association Inc.’s Executive Director, Thomas Archer; Wes D. Pearce Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary Programs and Special Projects Theatre Department, Professor at the University of Regina, Torien Cafferata experimental theatre artist based in Saskatoon, and several more are line up.

Join us and listen to our podcasts through our facebook page and SoundCloud. Watch for our posts when you can listen to these interviews.

Need help reaching the media?

As a member of SaskCulture, SATP is pleased to share an electronic version of the 2019 Saskatchewan Media Directory for you to use. Saskatchewan Lotteries is pleased to make this directory available to you to help enhance your media relations activities.

The directory contains an up-to-date listing of hundreds of media contacts in the province, including: daily newspapers, community newspapers, radio stations, television broadcasters and Indigenous media. It also contains staff contact info for editors, producers and local reporters. This will help ensure your message is reaching all the major media outlets in the province.

For some stories, you may be looking to reach a more niche audience, which you may discover through the specialty publications section. This section contains information about magazines, association publications, arts and scholarly journals, community newsletters and more. You will find the right contact for every story subject. 

The media is your gateway to getting your organization’s key message out to the public and it’s a great way to reach a diverse selection of the public. The Saskatchewan Media directory ensures that you only have to focus on crafting the message; the distribution is easy.

If you are interested in the Media Directory, email us and we will send you a copy.