SK Education Requests Feedback on Arts Ed courses

Dear Colleagues,

Sask. Education is requesting feedback on Grades 10-12 Arts Education Courses.  Four high school arts education courses are currently undergoing renewal including dance, drama, music and visual art.  Your feedback will help the teacher writing groups make revisions. 
This online feedback form with links to the draft curriculum documents will be accessible until May 31, 2019.   
Draft course descriptions:
Dance 10, 20, 30 enables students to belong to an inclusive community, to empower a holistic and personal voice and to develop self in relation to the world.  Students deepen their understanding of dance-making processes and learn techniques within a range of styles and cultural contexts. Students investigate how Indigenous ways of knowing, including local cultural knowledge, impact the creation of traditional and contemporary dance in Saskatchewan, Canada and beyond. Throughout these courses, students experience the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual benefits of dance as a challenging and joyful way of expressing their personal and collective voice. 
Drama 10, 20, 30 enables students to increase understanding of self and others through drama work that requires openness to diverse experiences, stories and perspectives. Students explore and express their individual and collective ideas about human nature, relationships and social and cultural situations using a range of drama strategies, group processes, theatre tools and styles to create meaning for themselves and others. 
Music 10, 20, 30 provides students with opportunities to perform, improvise, compose, research and experience music through one or more learning contexts or approaches (e.g., rock band, guitar, First Nations drumming and singing, wind instruments, garage band, world music, orchestra, new music, Métis music, creative technologies).  
Visual Art 10, 20, 30 enables students to engage in artistic investigations to explore their own and others’ ideas and diverse worldviews, experiment with various art practices, techniques and media and work towards development of their personal styles and artistic voices.  Students collaborate with peers, teachers and/or community mentors and learn about historic and contemporary work of Saskatchewan, Canadian and International artists.

Dance Flooring for Sale

Dance Flooring Blowout

Dance Saskatchewan needs the extra flooring out of the way, and so they are dropping the price on what is left and giving the dance community first dibs on this steal of a deal.

As seen in the photograph there are two colours to choose from and the dimensions of each interlocking PVC tile are 465mm x 465mm (approx. 2.25 sq ft), Height: 18mm, Weight: 1.91Kg/Each.

These floors offer outstanding performance and are suspended surfaces which means their modular nature allows your floor to be a) customized to the size you need and b) easily uninstalled, transported and reinstalled if/when you decided to move studios. The create a safe, sprung floor for very little effort as they are easy for the DIY-er to install themselves!

They are also indestructible - so use them for anything and everything and don't worry about being precious with them. 

We are selling the flooring for $2.50/sq ft. plus GST and PST

Beveled ramp edges and corners are also available for purchase:
Edge: 465mm x 60mm - $1.30/each
Corner: 60mm x 60mm - $0.45/each

Inquire with us today if you are interested. 

dance flooring.jpg

Dance Flooring for Sale

50% off, great for theatre use

May 1st noon is the deadline to apply

May 1st extended to 5pm for the deadline to apply for the SATP Sponsorship Subsidy to go to the PACTcon 2019.

This is an important opportunity for anyone working in Theatre in Saskatchewan to meet, network and learn from current industry leaders. SATP wants to show our support of our local theatre artists, students and theatre arts organizations by offering a sponsorship to attend this year’s Conference.

Mores details and application online.

Evil Stick Productions audition submissions for The Wolves

Audition Notice for The Wolves

Jillian Borrowman and Jenna Berenbaum are co-producing The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe here in Saskatoon next January. It is a wonderfully compelling, funny, and honest look at young female identifying friendships through the lens of an U17 Women's soccer team. We are currently accepting submissions for auditions and I thought this would be an opportunity many people in this group would be interested in. Feel free to forward this to anyone else who you feel may be interested. 

If you have any questions or want to know more please shoot me an email (or, which will just be me answering from a different email address).

Saskatchewan Theatre friends want to go to PACT? Apply to have your fees covered

Saskatchewan Theatre friends! A very big conference is coming to Saskatoon next month where many decisions on the future of theatre in this country will be made.

SATP wants to make sure as many Saskatchewan Theatre Artists and students as possible can be involved in the conference - and we're willing to pay your fees! Ask us (or me) how or read the info in this link.

Let's make sure SK has a strong presence at the PACT Conference this year!

Pass along this message to anyone working in theatre in Saskatchewan.

Deadline is May 1.


Podcast, Interviews, IDM & its role in theatre & live performing arts

Podcast, Interviews, IDM & its role in theatre & live performing arts

Do I have your interest peaked? SATP will be hosting a series of monthly podcasts talking about the theatre industry, Interactive Digital Media and its role in theatre & live performing arts with augmented reality, interviews with mid-career & senior career theatre artists that offer advice to other emerging theatre & live performing artists.

Oh! There are so many topics we are chatting about, you will have to tune in to check it out.

Starting off our Podcasts project, we have two interviews featuring SaskInteractive Media Association Inc.’s Executive Director, Thomas Archer; Wes D. Pearce Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary Programs and Special Projects Theatre Department, Professor at the University of Regina, Torien Cafferata experimental theatre artist based in Saskatoon, and several more are line up.

Join us and listen to our podcasts through our facebook page and SoundCloud. Watch for our posts when you can listen to these interviews.