What are we up to?

Hello there Saskatchewan Theatre Pros and Enthusiasts!

We just wanted to remind you that our Annual General Meeting is coming up tomorrow in Saskatoon this year. It will begin at 1 pm at The Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre. We hope to see you there!

Talk with our board and SPECIAL GUESTS Greg Magirescu and Erin Dean, CEO and Program Manager at Creative Saskatchewan. Join us to discuss how our organization will be moving forward!

And here is a message from board chair Alan Long:

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday to update you on our activities over the last year and to look at where we might go from here. I have completed a two year term as Board Chair, during which we submitted two applications to Creative Sask for organizational funding. We almost realized our goal only to get more disappointing news this year after recent Provincial Government cutbacks. However, all is not lost – Board member Cynthia Dyck and I recently met with new CEO Greg Magirescu, and we had an excellent discussion about our situation and also his new vision for Creative Sask. I'm pleased to announce that Greg and program manager Erin Dean will be at the AGM on Monday as our special guest speakers. He is eager to share this new vision with all of you and answer any questions you might have regarding the application process.

It has been a difficult couple years for us with not much progress in our situation as a newly formed fledgling organization. However, it feels like a culture shift is underway, and that we will have a seat at the Creative Sask table moving forward. Greg’s visit this Monday is a very positive step in the right direction.

Thanks for your support over the past couple years, I’m looking forward to passing the torch to the next chair. We have at least three positions open on the board this year, so please consider getting involved. Some things on the horizon: PACT is now hosting regular discussions between the leaders of each provincial theatre organization across Canada, and we have begun discussions to host Magnetic North and PACTCON concurrently in the spring of 2020. Exciting times to get involved with your provincial organization!!



Also just a reminder that we are still accepting submissions of calendar entries and photographs. You can reach us any time at sask.theatre@gmail.com

See you all tomorrow!