Announcing our First Executive Director!

Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals and its board of directors is pleased to announce the hiring of its first Executive Director, Colleen Ostoforoff. “Colleen started her position effective June 1 st and is based in Saskatoon”, Evie Koop Sawatzky, SATP President stated today.

Colleen Ostoforoff is a senior arts management professional with over twenty years of field experience in arts programming, marketing, education, festival operations, non-profit management and fundraising. Throughout her multi-faceted roles, Colleen believes arts management continues to cultivate strategic partnerships with the local, national and international arts community.

The SATP provides support to artists primarily through the dissemination of information between individuals and organizations. The association also works intensely with its theatre organization members. It provides a space to speak to opportunities and challenges that affect all of us, and organizes strategies to answer them. Working together we can strengthen our industry's impact.

Recently, Colleen worked at Saskatchewan’s program manager for artsVest for Business For the Arts, corporate sponsorship & partnerships consultant with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and senior fundraising consultant for Great Plains College. Colleen’s employment opportunities allowed her to work in Washington DC, Toronto, Thunder Bay and various points throughout Saskatchewan working in many arts genres while exploring the needs of artists and arts organizations alike.

“I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work along many colleagues I met through my previous positions in the arts. What a delight to know that I can continue to cultivate pivotal partnerships with Saskatchewan’s granting agencies, SATP’s members and to continue to bring inspiration to drive and continue creating art right here in our province,” Ms. Ostoforoff said.

Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals support the development, creative practices, and production of Saskatchewan's theatre professionals. Initially created to represent the needs of Saskatchewan's professional theatre industry to government agencies such as Creative Saskatchewan, the SATP seeks to empower, connect, and respond to the organizations and individuals that make up our community. We not only represent professional theatre organizations, but individuals and encourage membership from actors, directors, designers, artistic associates, playwrights, administrative staff, producers, technicians, stage managers, and every other position in the professional theatre.

If you would like more information, please contact Evie Koop Sawatzky, President at