New Programs for Theatre Professionals & Theatre Organizations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 20, 2017


With Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals

Saskatoon, SK, September 20, 2017– Today Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals, Executive Director, Colleen Ostoforoff announced new programs for theatre professionals and live performing arts community.

“I am excited to announce three new different programs with Saskatchewan Association Theatre Professionals. Saskatchewan’s theatre community has been incredibly supportive as SATP develops new creative programming that will benefit not only our emerging but seasoned theatre professionals. SATP’s membership shared what their needs are and we listened. SATP supports the development and growth of our artists working in theatre in our province.”

Our first program is The Propeller Series.  “In order to move forward in our careers, we need to propel, move forward like an airplane with help from outside sources,” Colleen explained. “The Propeller Series is just that! Think differently and explore through a series of events designed to provide valuable insight on important topics for not for profit organizations and professional artists in theatre and live performing arts sectors.”

Featured in The Propeller Series are five different events. Healthy Artist Talks Series is a unique series of approaches to developing the human potential is important for not only our professional development in our careers, but for long term appreciation and understanding how being a healthy artist affects our everyday life. Each year the Healthy Artist Talks series will take on different mini-workshop sessions to continue to develop our professional artists and administrators. This year, the Healthy Artist Talks Series will feature two mini-talks being Dangerous Decibels in Arts Spaces & Healthy Lifestyle Movement Class for Artists & Administrators.

Dangerous Decibels in Arts Spaces - Of the roughly 40 million Americans suffering from hearing loss, 10 million can be attributed to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL can be caused by a one-time exposure to loud sound as well as by repeated exposure to sounds at various loudness levels over an extended period of time. NIHL is probably the most common occupational hazard facing people today.

Being an artist is demanding and can play a toll on our health. Performers and administrators in theatre and live performing arts are concerned about their hearing. When it comes to hearing it is important to know and learn how your hearing changes as you age and why it is important to be tested, when should you be tested and what is involved. Learn how to significantly reduce your exposure to hearing loss and tinnitus in the workplace and about prevention of noise-induced hearing loss. Learn more about your hearing with a qualified registered audiologist from a dedicated team of hearing instrument practitioners.

Healthy Lifestyle Movement Class for Artists & Administrators - SATP believes movement is important as it equals longevity and our expansive space promotes movement. Effective movement brings awareness and efficiency into our ordinary movements of sitting, standing and walking. As we facilitate a shift in posture that allows the body to find an effortless upright structure we learn applications that brings exercises for self-care and professional development.

Collaborating with Sum Theatre Saskatoon, SATP offers a hands-on workshop talk to improve your strength, cardiovascular capacity, mobility, and agility in an environment that will keep you coming back for more. Learn how to effortlessly move on stage, in the office and in your home.

Money Management - Fraud Controls for Professional Not For Profit Organizations - Engaging professional arts organizations by remembering you might be at risk of fraud. Learn from the professional and discuss the key internal controls that you should have in place. Explore the fraud triangle and indications that it may be happening in your organization. Guest speaker Brian Heinrichs, CPA, CA Partner, Assurance & Advisory from Virtus Group will provide the expertise needed to keep your organization in check.

Agents of Change Networking Sessions featuring two networking events in Regina & Saskatoon. Seasoned professionals and theatre professionals with not as much experience can join together to talk, network and ask each other questions. A change agent is anyone who helps an organization transform by improving business processes and interpersonal interactions and this networking opportunity is exactly that opportunity for all performing arts organizations and professional theatre artists that would like to engage with the community.

Networking provides a spinning chance for emerging and seasoned professionals to talk, ask questions and propel their careers to the next level. Do you have a burning question to ask one of SATP’s seasoned professionals? Join us in Regina or Saskatoon at one of our Agents of Change Networking Sessions.

SATP’s second program features a 2-day workshop called: You've Got This! A Practical Guide for Canadian Artists and Arts Managers. Explore additional fundamentals not taught formally through our educational institutions. Presenters are: Laura Adlers and Hannah Burgé Luviano. This workshop covers four main topics:

Day 1: Session I:  Navigating the Artist's Life - You have completed your training. Now what?: Steps for building your career as an artist; The valuation of your role as an artist; Networking: Telling your story in a precise and interesting way; Session II: Managing Financial Business as an Artist -Financial literacy for artists: Budgeting, investing and retiring well, Taxes 101: The whats, ifs and hows of filing a tax return & Contracts: Lessons learned from AirBnB and other entrepreneurial businesses. 

Day 2: Session III:  Building your Business as an Artist - Everyone's a start-up: How to build your business with $100; Partnerships:  Why collaboration will save your life and The A-Z of not-for-profit organizations, from working with one to creating one of your own. Session IV:  Marketing for an international audience - Building an effective website - The must-have's and the must-not's; Social media:  The good, the bad and the inappropriate & International Audiences:  Knowing your crowd and getting those bookings!

Our third program is the implementation of phase 1 of All In: A National Equity, Diversity & Inclusive Initiative. We are in the planning stages for this 18 month-long program with the theatre community and our National collaborating partner, Professional Association of Canadian Theatres. Stay tuned for upcoming details on this new initiative as we prepare to pilot this new program in Saskatchewan!

Visit our website and face book page for details regarding dates, times, locations. Programs are free for all SATP members and a minimal cost for non-members .

Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals supports the development, creative practices & production of Saskatchewan’s theatre professionals.

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If you would like more information about one of these programs, please contact Colleen Ostoforoff at 306.361.2312 or email at