CIF’s Community Grant Program guidelines deadline Feb 1

CIF Updated Guidelines & New Grant Platform!

CIF’s Community Grant Program guidelines and application have been updated and take effect at the April 1, 2018 deadline. CIF is also in the process of moving to a new grant platform! You cannot apply to CIF’s April 1, 2018 deadline until our new grant platform is up and running (target the end of February 2018). Watch for an announcement from CIF indicating when you can create your new account. Important items to note:

  • CIF’s funding themes and priorities have been reframed. The three funding themes include healthy growth and development of children and youth; individual and community wellbeing, and nonprofit and community leadership. Specific priorities for each of these themes are identified in the guidelines.
  • Music festivals, competitions and tournaments, centennials and homecomings, and other events are not eligible. Some events, such as those that promote and support ethno-cultural awareness and education, multiculturalism, or First Nations and Métis cultural identity, may be eligible if they are aligned with the Funding Themes and Priorities and are free to the general public to attend.
  • Organizations may be approved for a maximum of two (2) annual grants and one (1) summer grant per year. Applications for grants during the same year must be for different projects.
  • The maximum summer grant amount that you can apply for is $5,000. The summer grant maximum amount of $10,000/provincial program has been eliminated effective the February 2019 deadline.

Please refer to the updated guidelines for the full scope of changes. 

If you are applying to the February 1, 2018 Summer Grant deadline, please continue using the existing guidelines and grant platform.

Click to View CIF's Updated Guidelines