City Saskatchewan Support Letter for CRTC

City Saskatchewan is the provincial educational broadcaster and the CRTC is currently reviewing their licence renewal application. An important industry and community partner, City Saskatchewan supports production in Saskatchewan and SMPIA is supportive of their renewal.

Should you wish to write a letter of support on behalf of City Saskatchewan as part of this regulatory process, a letter can be filed to support their application until February 1, 2018

For your convenience, a template “City Saskatchewan Support Letter” is below for your use through  which you can make any changes as you see fit.

Key Commitments to be made by Rogers Broadcasting if approved:

-       Maintain our designation as the exclusive provincial Educational Broadcaster for Saskatchewan;

-       Increase the Canadian Programming Expenditure (CPE) requirement from 23% to 30% of the service’s previous year’s gross revenues;

-       Increase the expenditure requirement on educational programming to 23% of the service’s previous year’s gross revenues, provided that the definition of educational programming includes documentaries, children’s programs, and other accredited programming; 

-       Direct at least 85% of educational programming expenditures to independent production companies in Saskatchewan; and,

-       Continue to devote 50% of the broadcast week to commercial-free educational   programming, but with greater flexibility in the time period.

In order to file your letter of support with the CRTC, you can either (1) send to City Saskatchewan to file on your behalf or (2) you can file directly with the CRTC:

1)      City Saskatchewan can file on your behalf

Send your support letter to Joanne McDonald ( and Richard Chan ( before January 25, 2018. In your email enclosing the support letter, please make it clear that:

        i.            you want us to file the letter on your behalf;

        ii.            you are aware that the letter will be posted on the CRTC’s website as part of the public record for our licence renewal and that all information provided in your letter will be publicly accessible (e.g. name, email address, postal address, telephone number or any other personal information provided); and

      iii.            you do not wish to appear at the hearing.

2)      File directly with the CRTC

If you’d rather file your letter directly with the CRTC, you can do so by filling out the Intervention Comment Form on the CRTC’s website, which is available here.  The application is called “Part 1 Application 2017-0833-0”. The final deadline for filing is February 1, 2018, but if possible please file earlier in case there are any issues with filing.



Max Berdowski | Executive Director
SMPIA | Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association


[Letterhead with contact information]


Secretary General
Canadian Radio-television and
Telecommunications Commission
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2

Dear Secretary General:

Re:      Application by Rogers Media Inc. to renew the broadcasting licence for

City Saskatchewan (Application 2017-0833-0)

This is a letter of support for the application filed by Rogers Media Inc. (Rogers) to renew the broadcasting licence for City Saskatchewan.

[Please provide a brief introduction with some general information about yourself or the organization you represent.]

As the exclusive provincial Educational Broadcaster for Saskatchewan, City Saskatchewan is an integral part of the Saskatchewan broadcasting landscape, providing commercial-free educational programming, working directly with the independent production sector, and making significant contributions to the diversity of programming available to the residents of our province. After reviewing the commitments made in this application, I am certain that City Saskatchewan will continue to meet the needs of its viewers and the communities it serves and continue to make an appropriate contribution to Canadian expression.

[As you see fit, please provide further information about your involvement or experience with City Saskatchewan. Feel free to elaborate and explain why you continue to support City Saskatchewan.]

[Please indicate whether you wish to participate in any future public hearing in person:

e.g. “If an Appearing Hearing is held, I do not wish to appear or I request to appear to make a presentation before the Commission.”]

I thank the Commission for the opportunity to express my support for this application by Rogers to renew the broadcasting licence for City Saskatchewan.


[Title, Organization]

cc:       Joanne McDonald, City Saskatchewan,
            Richard Chan, Rogers,