Continuing the Conversation......

February 12, 2018 Continuing the Conversation…. 

Time: 7:30pm – 9pm Location: The Refinery, Saskatoon

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The theatre industry in Saskatoon has been very active with a topic on Respectful Behaviour in theatre workplaces. As SATP wanted to take on a leadership role with its Respect & Equity Committee. The committee will present the next dialogue “Continuing the Conversation…” Feb. 12 for all individuals and organizations working in theatre.

In an effort to engage in a meaningful dialogue, send topics of what you want to talk about.

This evening’s structured meeting will ask important questions to fill the gaps around the important subject on how and what will help from SATP. Our specialist in power dynamics, Heather Fox Griffith joins our SATP Consent & Respect Committee Co-chairs, Jennica Grienke and Skye Brandon as our facilitator and counselor.

During the evening we will continue with a guided conversation on how the Saskatoon Theatre community sees SATP’s role.

If you are not comfortable talking at this event, please feel free to contact SATP with your thoughts at . All emails are kept confidental.


Heather Fox Griffith provides training resources to individuals and groups interested in learning about narrative therapy and victim/survivor-centred restorative practices. Training services may be of interest to individuals and groups, community workers such as victims services workers, counselors, therapists, social workers, clergy, nurses, child and youth workers, psychologists, school counsellors and educators, addictions workers and more.

Heather is currently a doctoral candidate in the PhD Program offered by the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. Her research interest is in the advancement of victimology and survivor studies and the development of relevant educational opportunities in higher education. She is a research associate with the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women/Institut Canadien de Rrecherches Sur Les Femmes. Some of Heather’s written work is available on Amazon.