Last Chance to Register to Vote in 2018 CTA Ratification

The CTA ratification voting registration period will close
Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Life and Regular Equity members, in good standing and who were engaged under the CTA or another theatre agreement or policy (Artists' Collective Policy and Festival Policy excepted) within a six-year period (e.g., after June 25, 2012), WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY ENUMERATED TO VOTE on the CTA ratification in accordance with Equity Bylaw 106(a(iii). 

Negotiations between Equity and the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres will soon conclude. Voting on the negotiated changes will commence as soon as possible after a successful conclusion of negotiations and as administration allows. The Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA) is set to expire June 25, 2018. 

Please note: You must be in good standing during the CTA ratification voting period to receive and cast your ballot. Check your current membership status here

Please contact Equity at communications@... [communications AT caea DOT com] for further information regarding CTA ratification voter registration.