Update from PACT on the CTA Negotiations

Announcement · May 18, 2018

Update from PACT on the CTA Negotiations

At the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres' Annual General Meeting May 10-12, members met on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Nation in Ottawa. The conference opened with an inspiring keynote speech by Kevin Loring, Artistic Director of the National Arts Centre Indigenous Theatre, on The Future of Storytelling. This remarkable address set the tone for one of PACT's largest and most important conferences.

During the conference, the PACT membership reviewed and discussed at length the proposed changes to the Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA) for 2018-2021. On the morning of May 12th, the membership voted not to ratify the proposed changes to the CTA and committed to working with Canadian Actors' Equity Association (CAEA) toward a new understanding that broadens the diversity, scope of practice, and communities in the expanding theatre ecology. 


There were a number of issues with the proposed changes to the CTA for PACT members including:

  1. House category, particularly, sharing of documentation and the category assignments to venues
  2. Changes to Stage Management clauses
  3. The creation of a new clause for Non-Standard Activities
  4. Proposed clauses related to Open Rehearsals and Relaxed Performances.

PACT seeks to work closely with CAEA to support the future of Canadian storytelling - reflective of the ways in which theatre is created and produced, and working not only with Euro-centric models but with an understanding of Indigenous culture and theatre-making practices.


PACT is currently in discussions with CAEA about next steps, including a return to the negotiations process, and to the process that will occur in the immediate future in anticipation of the expiry of the 2015-2018 CTA on June 24, 2018.


As Nina Lee Aquino and Mike Payette (PACT's new President and Vice-President) have said, "The discussions surrounding the evolution of Canadian theatre are as urgent as ever. Our expansive country is gifted with exceptional artists and companies whose collective voice evokes a unique potential to be a leader in the greater arts ecology. We embrace the multitude of ways in which we practice our art, but also promote and encourage all voices to be given space to create and engage community."

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