Globe Theatre job posting - Production Manager

Globe Theatre is looking for a permanent full-time Production Manager to oversee the planning, staffing and realization of all productions, tours and special events produced by the Theatre.


The individual in this position shall possess exceptional interpersonal, communication, project management, supervisory, and technical skills; they should be well versed all areas of theatre and have experience in season planning, budgeting, and staffing. An ideal candidate should be a graduate of a recognized post-secondary theatre production program or have demonstrated experience in a management role at a recognized theatre. Additionally, experience managing a unionized production team is an asset.


Reporting to the Artistic Director and Executive Director, this position works closely Company Manager, Building Manager and Accounting Manager to ensure operational and financial success of Globe theatre. Supervising the Technical Director whom is responsible for direct supervision of the production team


Responsible for Negotiating the terms and conditions of all contracts for directors, choreographers, actors, lighting, set and costume designers, composers, musical directors, musicians and stage managers, remaining up-to-date on all applicable collective agreements (e.g. CTA, ADC, IATSE, AFM).
Develop budgets for personnel, casual labour, seasonal supply and show expenses, in conjunction with the Technical Director and Executive Director. Once provided with a final season budget, adhering to that budget unless approval to exceed is provided by the Executive Director.
Responsible for season planning including development of production schedules, creation of show budgets, seasonal budgets and determining the amount of staffing required for the mains stage shows in conjunction with the Technical Director.
Determine all design and construction deadlines for directors, designers and production personnel, in conjunction with the Technical Director. Work closely with designers and department staff to ensure that those deadlines are met.
Negotiate the terms and conditions for all show licenses with various rights holders
Ensure that the needs of stage management are met and that a clear channel of communication is maintained.
Approval of all production department payroll including, production staff, casual production staff, and stage management
Hold enough regularly-scheduled production meetings to trouble-shoot and coordinate the concerns of directors, designers, composers, stage managers, production staff and the Artistic Director.
Provide department staff with budgets and time lines, working closely with each of them to assist them in managing both.
Review and sign off on visa expense and petty cash reports of all production staff.


The start date for this full-time position is May 10th 2019. This will allow for cross over training which will end of May 31st.

We thank all candidates for their submissions though only individuals selected for an interview will be contacted by the Theatre.