Call for Theatre Makers to Engage

New Work Collaborative Networking Session #1

Call for Theatre Makers to Engage

In response to ideas generated by the New Work Committee of the Renewing Regina’s Theatre Community group, the Centre for the Study of Script Development is calling for individuals interested in sharing a specific creative idea/concept at a networking session on April 14, 1:30-4:30PM (more information to follow re location) with an eye to connecting with potential collaborators and/or receiving input on possible directions that might help them in further developing their work.

This is a call for both creative proposals AND for people with a wide range of theatre skills and interests who would like to engage and experiment with other professionals they may not have previously worked with. Ideally this is an opportunity for both senior and junior artists to collaborate--and for people to make their interests and expertise more widely known (eg. not just writers, actors and directors but also producers, marketing people, technicians, stage managers, composers, etc).

The Format

  1. Five to seven people (or groups of people) will present a creative idea for which they are seeking collaborators. They will provide a one-page description to the group and and have up to 10 minutes to introduce their idea to the group. All other participants will be asked to introduce themselves.

  2. After all ideas have been introduced, participants in this session will return to workshop each proposal in more detail to ask questions and provide suggestions re potential collaborators or further creative ideas.

  3. There will be breaks for informal networking as well.

  4. Individuals offering proposals and those expressing interest in collaboration will make a commitment to a substantial development process that will afford the time for the evolution of a dramaturgically and performatively strong product appropriate to the concept.

  5. Participants in this process will agree to present something from their work in progress to another similar gathering in November of 2019 as a kind of follow-up to this April session.

  6. Participants will be encouraged to apply for funding support through the Saskatchewan Arts Board and/or call upon the support of the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre and/or the Centre for the Study of Script Development for one-on-one dramaturgy, script readings or other types of support as appropriate.

A wide variety of creative ideas or concepts will be welcomed--from scripts that are already in draft form, to basic ideas or topics for exploration collectively, to experimental approaches to collaborative devising. No limits on performative style or mode will be imposed (eg. a dance drama, a multi-media exploration, a scripted play meant to be seen by individuals on their cell phone or consumed by audio podcast, etc).

A key component of presentations and one-page proposals should be clarification of the types of collaborators and relationships sought. Eg. Is this a scripted play written by the proposer who is looking for a producer, director and actors to interpret and present it? Is this a proposal for a creative group to come together around an idea or method of working to devise a new work which they will collectively own and produce? Is this a creative idea developed by a group of collaborators who would like to attract the support of a playwright, dramaturg, designer, director or other type of professional for finalizing and presenting the work?

Send expressions of interest in presenting an idea at this session along with a one or two paragraph description to Mary Blackstone, Director, Centre for the Study of Script Development ( by April 2, 2019.