Need help reaching the media?

As a member of SaskCulture, SATP is pleased to share an electronic version of the 2019 Saskatchewan Media Directory for you to use. Saskatchewan Lotteries is pleased to make this directory available to you to help enhance your media relations activities.

The directory contains an up-to-date listing of hundreds of media contacts in the province, including: daily newspapers, community newspapers, radio stations, television broadcasters and Indigenous media. It also contains staff contact info for editors, producers and local reporters. This will help ensure your message is reaching all the major media outlets in the province.

For some stories, you may be looking to reach a more niche audience, which you may discover through the specialty publications section. This section contains information about magazines, association publications, arts and scholarly journals, community newsletters and more. You will find the right contact for every story subject. 

The media is your gateway to getting your organization’s key message out to the public and it’s a great way to reach a diverse selection of the public. The Saskatchewan Media directory ensures that you only have to focus on crafting the message; the distribution is easy.

If you are interested in the Media Directory, email us and we will send you a copy.