SK Education Requests Feedback on Arts Ed courses

Dear Colleagues,

Sask. Education is requesting feedback on Grades 10-12 Arts Education Courses.  Four high school arts education courses are currently undergoing renewal including dance, drama, music and visual art.  Your feedback will help the teacher writing groups make revisions. 
This online feedback form with links to the draft curriculum documents will be accessible until May 31, 2019.   
Draft course descriptions:
Dance 10, 20, 30 enables students to belong to an inclusive community, to empower a holistic and personal voice and to develop self in relation to the world.  Students deepen their understanding of dance-making processes and learn techniques within a range of styles and cultural contexts. Students investigate how Indigenous ways of knowing, including local cultural knowledge, impact the creation of traditional and contemporary dance in Saskatchewan, Canada and beyond. Throughout these courses, students experience the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual benefits of dance as a challenging and joyful way of expressing their personal and collective voice. 
Drama 10, 20, 30 enables students to increase understanding of self and others through drama work that requires openness to diverse experiences, stories and perspectives. Students explore and express their individual and collective ideas about human nature, relationships and social and cultural situations using a range of drama strategies, group processes, theatre tools and styles to create meaning for themselves and others. 
Music 10, 20, 30 provides students with opportunities to perform, improvise, compose, research and experience music through one or more learning contexts or approaches (e.g., rock band, guitar, First Nations drumming and singing, wind instruments, garage band, world music, orchestra, new music, Métis music, creative technologies).  
Visual Art 10, 20, 30 enables students to engage in artistic investigations to explore their own and others’ ideas and diverse worldviews, experiment with various art practices, techniques and media and work towards development of their personal styles and artistic voices.  Students collaborate with peers, teachers and/or community mentors and learn about historic and contemporary work of Saskatchewan, Canadian and International artists.