Need help reaching the media?

As a member of SaskCulture, SATP is pleased to share an electronic version of the 2019 Saskatchewan Media Directory for you to use. Saskatchewan Lotteries is pleased to make this directory available to you to help enhance your media relations activities.

The directory contains an up-to-date listing of hundreds of media contacts in the province, including: daily newspapers, community newspapers, radio stations, television broadcasters and Indigenous media. It also contains staff contact info for editors, producers and local reporters. This will help ensure your message is reaching all the major media outlets in the province.

For some stories, you may be looking to reach a more niche audience, which you may discover through the specialty publications section. This section contains information about magazines, association publications, arts and scholarly journals, community newsletters and more. You will find the right contact for every story subject. 

The media is your gateway to getting your organization’s key message out to the public and it’s a great way to reach a diverse selection of the public. The Saskatchewan Media directory ensures that you only have to focus on crafting the message; the distribution is easy.

If you are interested in the Media Directory, email us and we will send you a copy.

Call for Theatre Makers to Engage

New Work Collaborative Networking Session #1

Call for Theatre Makers to Engage

In response to ideas generated by the New Work Committee of the Renewing Regina’s Theatre Community group, the Centre for the Study of Script Development is calling for individuals interested in sharing a specific creative idea/concept at a networking session on April 14, 1:30-4:30PM (more information to follow re location) with an eye to connecting with potential collaborators and/or receiving input on possible directions that might help them in further developing their work.

This is a call for both creative proposals AND for people with a wide range of theatre skills and interests who would like to engage and experiment with other professionals they may not have previously worked with. Ideally this is an opportunity for both senior and junior artists to collaborate--and for people to make their interests and expertise more widely known (eg. not just writers, actors and directors but also producers, marketing people, technicians, stage managers, composers, etc).

The Format

  1. Five to seven people (or groups of people) will present a creative idea for which they are seeking collaborators. They will provide a one-page description to the group and and have up to 10 minutes to introduce their idea to the group. All other participants will be asked to introduce themselves.

  2. After all ideas have been introduced, participants in this session will return to workshop each proposal in more detail to ask questions and provide suggestions re potential collaborators or further creative ideas.

  3. There will be breaks for informal networking as well.

  4. Individuals offering proposals and those expressing interest in collaboration will make a commitment to a substantial development process that will afford the time for the evolution of a dramaturgically and performatively strong product appropriate to the concept.

  5. Participants in this process will agree to present something from their work in progress to another similar gathering in November of 2019 as a kind of follow-up to this April session.

  6. Participants will be encouraged to apply for funding support through the Saskatchewan Arts Board and/or call upon the support of the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre and/or the Centre for the Study of Script Development for one-on-one dramaturgy, script readings or other types of support as appropriate.

A wide variety of creative ideas or concepts will be welcomed--from scripts that are already in draft form, to basic ideas or topics for exploration collectively, to experimental approaches to collaborative devising. No limits on performative style or mode will be imposed (eg. a dance drama, a multi-media exploration, a scripted play meant to be seen by individuals on their cell phone or consumed by audio podcast, etc).

A key component of presentations and one-page proposals should be clarification of the types of collaborators and relationships sought. Eg. Is this a scripted play written by the proposer who is looking for a producer, director and actors to interpret and present it? Is this a proposal for a creative group to come together around an idea or method of working to devise a new work which they will collectively own and produce? Is this a creative idea developed by a group of collaborators who would like to attract the support of a playwright, dramaturg, designer, director or other type of professional for finalizing and presenting the work?

Send expressions of interest in presenting an idea at this session along with a one or two paragraph description to Mary Blackstone, Director, Centre for the Study of Script Development ( by April 2, 2019.

Happy World Theatre Day!

Created in 1961 by UNESCO, World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on March 27 by theatre communities around the globe. The impetus behind World Theatre Day is to honour and further the goal of UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute (ITI) to celebrate the power of theatre to serve as an indispensable bridge-builder for mutual international understanding and peace as well as to promote and protect cultural diversity and identity in communities throughout the world.

How are you celebrating World Theatre Day?

Globe Theatre job posting - Production Manager

Globe Theatre is looking for a permanent full-time Production Manager to oversee the planning, staffing and realization of all productions, tours and special events produced by the Theatre.


The individual in this position shall possess exceptional interpersonal, communication, project management, supervisory, and technical skills; they should be well versed all areas of theatre and have experience in season planning, budgeting, and staffing. An ideal candidate should be a graduate of a recognized post-secondary theatre production program or have demonstrated experience in a management role at a recognized theatre. Additionally, experience managing a unionized production team is an asset.


Reporting to the Artistic Director and Executive Director, this position works closely Company Manager, Building Manager and Accounting Manager to ensure operational and financial success of Globe theatre. Supervising the Technical Director whom is responsible for direct supervision of the production team


Responsible for Negotiating the terms and conditions of all contracts for directors, choreographers, actors, lighting, set and costume designers, composers, musical directors, musicians and stage managers, remaining up-to-date on all applicable collective agreements (e.g. CTA, ADC, IATSE, AFM).
Develop budgets for personnel, casual labour, seasonal supply and show expenses, in conjunction with the Technical Director and Executive Director. Once provided with a final season budget, adhering to that budget unless approval to exceed is provided by the Executive Director.
Responsible for season planning including development of production schedules, creation of show budgets, seasonal budgets and determining the amount of staffing required for the mains stage shows in conjunction with the Technical Director.
Determine all design and construction deadlines for directors, designers and production personnel, in conjunction with the Technical Director. Work closely with designers and department staff to ensure that those deadlines are met.
Negotiate the terms and conditions for all show licenses with various rights holders
Ensure that the needs of stage management are met and that a clear channel of communication is maintained.
Approval of all production department payroll including, production staff, casual production staff, and stage management
Hold enough regularly-scheduled production meetings to trouble-shoot and coordinate the concerns of directors, designers, composers, stage managers, production staff and the Artistic Director.
Provide department staff with budgets and time lines, working closely with each of them to assist them in managing both.
Review and sign off on visa expense and petty cash reports of all production staff.


The start date for this full-time position is May 10th 2019. This will allow for cross over training which will end of May 31st.

We thank all candidates for their submissions though only individuals selected for an interview will be contacted by the Theatre.

PACT’s annual conference open to non-PACT members

May 22 to 25, 2019 – Saskatoon, SK

PACT’s annual conference is our primary development and networking event which brings together arts professionals from all across Canada. The connections made and conversations sparked at the conference carry through the rest of the year and often spark creative partnerships, mentorships and joint projects. It is also when we have our Annual General Meeting. The conference is open to non-PACT members. We invite you to join us in Saskatoon this May where we will be hosted by Persephone Theatre and Dancing Sky Theatre

Whether this is your first or tenth time attending the conference, there will be something engaging for you. Please visit our learning and schedule pages to see the breakout sessions we have planned and when formal networking events (regions & caucus meetings) are scheduled.

Persephone Theatre is located in the heart of River Landing, nestled in Treaty 6 Territory; the traditional lands of the Cree and the Homeland of the Metis. We and our hosts are grateful to be able to live, work, and perform on the land that we share.