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Boucher Entertainment - No matter what size, type or style of event you’re planning, Boucher Entertainment can provide quality entertainment suited to your function. From small private parties to fairs, festivals and corporate retreats, we are ready to make your event a magical, comical success!

Christie Lite Sales -  Christie Lites Sales has the extensive inventory, deep expertise and consistent reliability to make it a reality. 

Complete product line-ups from the most respected manufacturers in the business. End-to-end solutions for broadcast, educational spaces, places of worship, architectural, live-event lighting and more. Engineering, accessories, supplies and design and build services to make it all happen.

Dance Saskatchewan Inc. -  Dance Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of dance.  Our purpose is to preserve, promote, and represent dance in Saskatchewan, to support and enhance the development of all dance forms, and to educate about and encourage a passion for dance.  We operate a multidisciplinary centre that focuses on dance, integrates related art forms, and provides expanded opportunities in a wellness environment.

Theatre Saskatchewan - Theatre Saskatchewan Incorporated contributes to the growth and development of all aspects of community theatre in the province through education, member funding, awareness, and festival events.

We are the oldest continual Theatre organization in Canada. At all Festivals, since 1933, trophies have been awarded. The Late Cameron McIntosh, formerly of North Battleford, donated the first trophy. Others have since been added, bringing the current total to nineteen (19) trophies. Go to our Past Festivals and Awards page to get details of all our awards. 

Professional Member Organizations

Globe Theatre -  Globe Theatre is a national centre of excellence in the production of theatre-in-the-round and in fostering the work of Saskatchewan artists.

The Globe Theatre Society is a Board run not-for-profit organization.  With this structure, the Board of Directors hires the Artistic Director who provides the artistic expertise and vision to realize the mission of the Globe Theatre Society. Globe Theatre receives federal, provincial and municipal grants and accepts corporate and private donations that are tax deductible. Revenue is also raised through ticket sales, theatre rental, fundraising projects and related ventures.

Globe Theatre is one of Saskatchewan's largest arts organizations with a permanent staff of 29 administrative, technical and artistic employees. Throughout a season, Globe employs more than 100 artists on a contract basis. The annual operating budget is just over $4 million

Live Five Independent Theatre - Live Five is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a home for local professional theatre artists to develop their careers in Saskatchewan. To achieve this we:

  • present a series of high calibre productions that attract and excite an audience,

  • provide a support structure for artists to create their own work opportunities,

  • encourage collaboration between established and emerging artists, and

  • promote an environment of engagement and exploration between artists and audiences.

Since 2004, Live Five has been raising awareness of independent theatre productions and local professional artists in Saskatoon by combining multiple artistic visions from five local theatre companies into one powerful season. Run by an energetic board of directors, we do not produce the work, but rather invite artists to showcase their talent to our community while alleviating some of the stresses of producing, so they can remain focused on creating powerful pieces of theatre.

Our organization receives no operational funding of any kind. We survive on the sweat and dedication of our working board, and the generous support of Saskatoon's most wonderful, community-minded small business owners.

On The Boards Staging Company -  ON THE BOARDS Staging Company is a non-profit organization operating on a unique, alternative model for producing independent performing art in Saskatoon. We support artists in staging their work by maintaining an accessible, professional venue and providing collaborative production services so they may focus on being an artist first and a producer second.

Our vision is to create an environment for the live arts to thrive in our community.

Our mission is to foster independent live arts production by providing opportunity and support services for performing artists and artist-producers, especially those lacking the corporate structure of a professional arts entity.

Persephone Theatre -  Founded in 1974, Persephone Theatre has become one of the largest theatres in Canada, and the largest in Saskatchewan. Founded by Janet and Susan Wright, and Brian Richmond (the theatre's first artistic director), Persephone Theatre has a long, rich history of supporting the arts in Saskatoon.

In its early years, Persephone faced many problems associated with establishing a professional theatre. Between 1974 and 1981, there were no fewer than six artistic directors. Finally, in 1982, Hungarian-born Tibor Feheregyhazi was named to the position, where he remained until his death in July 2007. With his profound knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, as well as an extraordinary gift for choosing productions that captured the hearts and minds of a Saskatchewan audience, Persephone enjoyed a long succession of popular and profitable seasons.

Persephone Theatre has existed in a variety of venues before arriving at its current location at River Landing. The Mendel Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan’s Greystone Theatre and St. Thomas Wesley Church all served as temporary locations prior to Persephone’s acquisition and renovation of the Westgate Alliance Church, which served as home for 20 productive years.

Artistic Director Del Surjik took the helm in 2007 and Persephone moved into their new theatre facility at the Remai Arts Centre at River Landing. Persephone’s seasons have grown to a six play Main Stage series, a three play second stage series (The Deep End) and six productions for youth (including a provincial tour). Persephone Theatre continues to support the development and production of new work and local playwrights.

Prince Albert Spark Theatre - Spark Theatre aims to produce new and existing work that entertains, provokes thought and ignites dialogue for Prince Albert theatre goers.

Rooted in the unique composition and needs of our community, Spark Theatre is committed to enhancing the artistic fabric of our region, embracing works and artists that will expand our horizons.

La Troupe du Jour - La Troupe du Jour is a professional, not-for-profit organization that develops theatre in Saskatchewan through creation, training, production and presentation. This framework of activities is set out in the charter instituted in October 1987 and revised in September 2007.

The company is dedicated to the development of French-language theatre in Saskatchewan. In this connection, through its leadership role in playwriting, the company is working to create and develop an original dramaturgy for Western Canada. Over the past decade, it has developed a dramaturgical mentorship process intended to support Fransaskois playwrights at every stage of creation. This mandate for creation is the cornerstone of La Troupe du Jour’s artistic mission. The company also makes contemporary writing for the theatre better known by presenting the work of Canadian playwrights

Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre - Developing Saskatchewan plays and playwrights since 1982. The Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre is a member-run, non-profit organization that serves the development of both Saskatchewan plays and playwrights. Our mission is to provide means for Saskatchewan playwrights to develop plays, and to ensure Saskatchewan voices are heard.

We are the only organization in the province devoted to the development of new plays. The creative works playwrights develop with us go on to be produced in theatres across Saskatchewan and beyond. From established dramatists to new writers, playwrights use SPC’s resources to help improve scripts prior to production.

Sum Theatre - We build strong communities by creating and producing innovative and exciting live professional theatre experiences. Our work is driven by passion, integrity, inclusivity, and a sense of humour. We are always pursuing new ideas, partnerships, and adventures

Wide Open Children’s Theatre - Wide Open Children’s Theatre is dedicated to producing high quality, artistic performances that entertain mom and dad as much as the kids!  

Founded in 2001 by Kristi Friday and Crispi Lord we have been around the block and across the country with our muppet stye puppets.    Now run by Artistic Director Jackie Green and Head Puppet Wrangler Crispi Lord we’ve entertained for countless thousands across Saskatchewan and Alberta. We are professional actor/creators dedicated to our craft and we teach too!  

Wide Open teaches puppetry and performance, check out our main page for a list of current camps and classes. All of the puppets we perform with are designed and built by the company.

We perform just about everywhere – schools, preschools, daycares, birthday parties,community events, company functions, and we do puppet workshops for for all ages. We also put on our own season of family entertainment that takes place in Saskatoon at the Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre (609 Dufferin Ave).  

Wide Open has a puppet workshop for community performances: 2410 Richardson Road, Bay C.  This space is available for birthday parties and field trips!


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